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Each MP3 has 100 positive statements.
Here are sample statements from each MP3.
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I Stand Up to Bullying

  • I understand the bully is a jerk, and the target is not to blame
  • I learn the best ways to stand up to bullying, so I am well prepared
  • I do not have to fight or win or become a bully myself to be safe
  • I move beyond fear, helplessness and silence to take right and effective action
  • Each time I stand up to bullying, I get more confident and self assured


I’m Over the Hurt

  • I see bullying clearly and how it has affected me
  • No matter how much I have been bullied, I heal and get over the hurt
  • My hurt and pain are replaced with self confidence and optimism
  • I have faith in myself and my future
  • I feel great about moving beyond bullying to a good life


I Feel Good About Myself

  • I am confident without being conceited or cocky
  • I feel good about myself without competing for popularity
  • I am cool without being a conformist: I am accepted for my true self
  • Other’s judgments, negativity and hatred have no power over my self esteem
  • I am a valuable and worthwhile person, and I’m glad to be alive and happy to be me


I’m Smart About Social Media

  • I recognize the risks of social media, and I establish and maintain privacy and security
  • I only share information that is OK for everyone to know
  • I learn what I need to know about cyberbullying, and I protect myself from it
  • I am never a jerk online, and I don’t allow others to be a jerk to me
  • I take action if anything is posted about me that is untrue, embarrassing, hurtful or threatening


I Get Along at School

  • I believe in myself and my ability to get along at school
  • Each new class is a new chance for a successful experience
  • I get along with teachers, and they are interested in my success
  • I learn how to study better and how to learn easier
  • I see myself doing well on tests: I see myself finishing on time


I Hang Out With the Right Kids

  • I choose the kind of person I want to be, and I hang out with kids like that
  • My friends and I have fun together doing healthy activities
  • I can be adventurous without being unwise
  • I don’t try to be cool by acting bad
  • I hang out with the right kids, and my life goes in the right directions


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