Been bullied? You’re not alone.
Every 7 minutes, a kid in America is bullied

Tyler was relentlessly bullied, and the school didn’t stop it.

He got angry; he had stomach aches; he hated going to school; he was hanging out with the wrong kids, and his grades fell.

His grandmother stepped in to help. She makes Change Your Mind self improvement MP3s. She made some to help Tyler, and they worked.  He regained his self esteem; he starting enjoying school again; he made new friends; his grades improved.

“You’ve got to help other kids like you helped me,”  Tyler told his grandmother. So she created Heal Bullying.

Research studies show bullying can set kids up
for a lifetime of problems:

  • they are 400% more likely to have anxiety
  • they are 500% more likely to be depressed and
  • they are 2 to 9 times more likely to consider and try suicide
  • they suffer from negative health effects like headaches and sleep difficulties;
  • they are at risk for poor school performance which leads to poor performance in life

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